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Flourish by Twist Me Pretty

Flourish Twist Towel


Your wildest hair dreams are about to come true with the new Flourish Twist Towel!

This hair towel doubles as a turban with our original twist and slit system but more importantly, it’ll slurp up any bad hair day by keeping excess water out and moisture sealed in!

Use it when you want less frizz, more shine, a faster air dry or want to use less heat from a blow dryer. Use it when you want more defined curls or you want your color to last longer!

Simply press the water out of your hair from roots to ends after showering, shake and style as normal - except with less heat from the blow dryer, obvi!

Or, use as a turban! Flip upside down and put the orange slit at the nape of your neck. Twist the towel up and push the ends through the slit to create a turban that’ll stay on your head while your hair dries, or gets close. Whatever you choose! The world is your oyster. Do your makeup or run your empire, we don’t care as long as your spending less time and stress worrying about your hair!

Wash instructions: Hand wash cycle on cold and hang up to dry!

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